Commercial Law

  • Corporate Law
  • Good Corporate Governance Practices (Shareholders’ Agreement, Good Governance Codes, Family Protocols)
  • Drafting and review of all types of national and international civil and commercial agreements.
  • Business collaboration agreements (joint ventures, and consortiums).
  • Creation, transformation, reformation and liquidation of corporate structures and other legal entities (Foundations and Corporations).
  • Accompaniment in processes of acquisition and sale of companies.
  • Incorporation of Branches of Foreign Companies.
  • Corporate reorganization schemes (mergers and spin-offs).
  • Accompaniment to Assemblies and Boards of Directors.
  • Legal models of Blockchain structures and collaborative economy platforms through digital platforms.
  • Accompaniment in procedures before the Chambers of Commerce, such as Commercial Registry, Sole Registry of Bidders (RUP).
  • Structuring and accompaniment in real estate projects independently or through trusts.

Tax law

  • Advice on national and territorial taxes.
  • Planning schemes.
  • Accompaniment in the fulfillment of tax obligations.
  • Tax impact analysis in corporate reorganization structures (mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions).
  • Discussions with the tax authorities (DIAN and tax offices).
  • Representation before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction in tax matters.
  • Registro Único de Beneficiarios Final- RUB (Single Registry of Final Beneficiaries)

Labor Law

  • Preparation and review of labor contracts.
  • Assistance in the preparation of organizational charts and job descriptions.
  • Accompanying and carrying out of the discharge proceeding.
  • Interventions before the Ministry of Labor
  • Creation, adaptation and reform of Labor Regulations
  • Formation of joint occupational health and safety committees (COPASST) and Coexistence Committees with their respective minutes.
  • Response and execution of ordinary labor claims.

Medical / pharmaceutical and research law

  • Assistance in structuring and developing corporate governance and code of ethics and conduct.
  • Contract management for the health sector PGP
  • Accompaniment in the committee for dignified death and implementation of resolution 971 of 2021.
  • Accompanying to clinical research centers
  • Implementation of resolution 3100 of 2019 of the ministry of health.
  • Attention to Tutela actions
  • Attention to lawsuits and claims (judicial and administrative proceedings)
  • Accompaniment in responses to control authorities. Superintendence of Health
  • SARLAFT – PTEE – SICOF for health entities
  • Information reports

Exchange Law

  • Advice on foreign exchange transactions carried out before the Banco de la República (Central Bank).
  • Accompaniment in sanctioning processes and applications before DIAN and the Superintendence of Corporations.
  • Training in Colombian foreign exchange regulations.
  • Advice on foreign direct investment and Colombians abroad.

Implementation of systems against ML/FT risks

  • Training in risk identification, measurement, control and monitoring.
  • Implementation of risk management systems (SARLAFT – SAGRILAFT).
  • Implementation under Minimum Measures Regime
  • Legal diagnosis of ML/FT compliance measures
  • Implementation of Transparency and Business Ethics Program – PTEE

Intellectual Property

  • Procedures for obtaining and assigning trademark registration and other distinctive signs at national and international level.
  • Registration before the Dirección Nacional de Derechos de Autor.
  • Intellectual Property Contracts (Franchising, assignment of trademarks and exploitation of intangible rights).
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Identification of the areas that have contact, access and management of valuable information.
  • information gathering with all areas involved with valuable information.
  • Training on legal concepts of corporate secrecy.
  • Procedures to obtain a patent.
  • Treatment of personal data.