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We provide close, comprehensive and quality support according to our clients’ needs.

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Legal Services

We provide a service framed in a strategy of Planning – Prevention – Solution (PPS), in such a way that our services in a first stage are focused on prevention but are also transversal to the emergence of problems and contingencies that may arise in the development of the activities of our clients and partners.

Financial consulting

In alliance with INTAK, we offer a financial consulting service, through which we help companies, businessmen and entrepreneurs to make strategic decisions to maximize their income and achieve profitable growth in each of their projects.

Structuring of organizational schemes

In alliance with AVANTIO, we are able to provide companies and their employees with an integral work model that maximizes the qualities of team members and the discovery of their potential.

ALZATE BLAIR ABOGADOS is a boutique firm that through a constant, efficient and close accompaniment, addresses legal needs within the different areas of law, such as commercial, corporate, tax and labor law. Offering a comprehensive support to both individuals and companies with interaction in other areas of law such as intellectual and industrial property, foreign exchange law and planning for efficiency in their estates.

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Our Clients

We have a group of professional experts in different legal areas, committed to practical and professional growth in order to obtain updated results according to the needs, with the capacity of timely resolution.


To provide advice according to the real needs of the client, with the objective of minimizing the risks that may be generated in relation to its stability and that of its business.


We offer the optimal means to achieve the client’s desired objective.


We focus on responding in the most timely manner to all of our clients’ needs.